Photos and Videos

School Show Videos

School shows are booked through Academic Entertainment. These are some videos that explain a bit more of how shows are run and students can speak with George.

48 Across the 48

A solo ride over 48 days & 3500 miles, from Seattle to Boston, to raise funds for cancer research in memory of a friend and mentor.

49 across the west

From the Golden Gate Bridge, over the Sierra Nevada, across US Highway 50, the “loneliest road in America” to Salt Lake City, capped off by a ride to the 14,110 foot summit of Pike’s Peak.

50 Across Iceland

1200 miles via fat bike across the “land of fire and ice”, exploring glaciers, geothermal fields, and Icelandic culture.

51 across sri lanka

A 5 week journey with a Siberian Russian dodging wild elephants & monkeys, and taking in Buddhist, Hindi, Christian and Muslim culture, all from a bicycle seat.

52 Across Newfoundland

Newfoundland’s T’railway is a former railroad route that runs from coast to coast via the interior of the “island of the fish”, providing George with the opportunity to understand more about the critical role that artists play in the re-development of coastal communities.

53 Across Vietnam

1000 miles from Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh, homestay visits with Hmong tribes, and history lessons about the American War in Vietnam are but a few highlights of this epic ride.

54 Across Patagonia

A solo fat bike ride through the Andes, along glacial lakes, with international friendships made along the way, ending in the Chilean sub-Arctic.

55 across iceland (ii)

George trades his fat bike for a piano bench, composing new music about Polar regions in sub-Arctic Iceland, and then returns to the interior of the Icelandic Highlands via fat bike to study the glacial and volcanic forces of nature.

2020 video journals

Despite the Covid-19 restrictions, George explored his home state of Minnesota as well as Patagonia, Chile, Argentina and Tiera del Fuego.