About George Maurer

Multi-media storyteller, musician, and adventure cyclist George Maurer presents Tales from a Bicycle Seat a cultural exploration of his epic journeys across the USA, Iceland, Patagonia, Sri Lanka, Canada, and Vietnam.

George’s bike adventures have expanded his creative boundaries as much as they have pushed his physical limits during his weeks-long rides across the United States, Iceland, Sri Lanka and Canada. He embarked on his first ride, “48 Across the 48,” in 2014 to test himself while contributing to the greater good by raising money for cancer research at the Mayo Clinic. He reached his $50,000 goal with 2018’s “52 Across Canada.”

George’s artistic career is an exciting and unpredictable journey — always on the fast track and often down a sidetrack as he performs and composes music that crosses genres, disciplines and, increasingly, continents.

George’s artistic curiosity and always-expanding boundaries constantly lead him down intriguing new professional and personal paths. They all intersect in the art he is creating now, drawing together his musical knowledge with the cultural exploration and diversity of experiences that have marked his life and music.

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